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Renamy Photoshop СС 2019 20.0.0 plugin

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Renamy - multiple layers renaming Photoshop CC 2019 plugin.

Multiple layers renaming - You can select a lot of layers and rename it in 1 click.

Find and replace - Use simple text find and replace for layer names.

Regex - Powerful advanced mechanism of matching substrings.

Current Layer Name - Put "*" in any position in new name and star will be replaced with previous layer name.

Manage name list - Keep all layers names in your list, you can add or delete names.

Live name filtering - You can easily search in your names list.

Autocomplete - Just start typing and Renamy will provide you complete your name from your name list.

Additional name - Just add "+" before name and instead of renaming you can add additional name to the current name.

Long names - Use more than 64 signs (Photoshop limitation).

1 step history - Reverse all Renamy changes in 1 step

Rename with iterator - Just select your layers and use "%NN" to rename it to "01", "02", "03" ... Or use "%nn" for back order.

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Renamy Photoshop СС 2019 20.0.0 plugin

11 ratings
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