Zeick - Photoshop SVG export 3.0 (5% OFF)

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Zeick - Photoshop SVG export 3.0 (5% OFF)

Alexander Stotskii
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Zeick 4 for Photoshop CC 2015 is available here https://gum.co/Zeick4

Video: http://youtu.be/6k2ERzOH1cY

Zeick - Photoshop CC and CC 2014 plugin allows you export vector shape layers to SVG files.

Who need.
Web designers
UI designers

Why do you need it:
Small size 
Resizable (yap it's vector)

How it works.
1. Select layers 
2. Click to Zeick Export button
all selected layers will be cropped and exported to separated SVG files 

Vector shape layers
Group of shapes 
Multiple layers export
Shape Color
Shape Gradient (beta)
Shape Stroke (beta)
Color overlay (beta)
Gradient overlay (beta)


1. If you need to export several groups i recommend you to use Command (Mac) or Ctrl (PC) button instead of Shift because of Photoshop bug (if you use Shift button Photoshop adds to selection all layers inside groups) or after selection with Shift just expand and close one of selected groups this action (http://cl.ly/SnKX) will fix groups selection.

2. We recommend you to use less layer effects because this feature in beta now and sometime it works good, sometimes not.

3. Before exporting text layers we recommend you convert it to shapes.

4. Currently we don't support clipping mask so you will need to use path operation to simulate this effect

5. Create your fonts from SVG files here http://icomoon.io/app/

Photoshop CC and CC 2014

I want this!

Вы получите a ZXP.

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